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When you purchase any diamond pieces from Iorio Fine Jewellery we will include a detailed appraisal as part of the deal. What if you already own the jewellery but aren't completely certain of the quality of the diamond? Your insurance company will certainly want documented proof before they consider covering anything.

This is where an "Appraisal" comes in handy. It's a written document, prepared by a reputable and certified gemologist and includes detailed descriptions of the piece(s) in question. The gemologist has been trained to evaluate and measure diamonds and stones of all kinds -- testing with instruments like microscopes, masterstone set, refractometer, specific gravity detectors, diamond testers, and experience. An appraisal signed by a reputable gemologist guarantees that your items are exactly as described.

We offer appraisal service to our customers, from a basic description to a detailed analysis.

Appraisal - On official company letterhead, this level of appraisal includes a written description of the piece(s) that has been prepared by a gemologist. The level of detail is increased as sophisticated equipment is used for the analysis. This is useful for simple designs of diamond rings, bracelets, pendants, pearl jewellery, and similar items. (Fee is $45.00 per item, negotiable on multiple items. Plus $10.00 for a scanned image of the item is printed, in colour).

If you have any questions about our appraisal services, please e-mail us at

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