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2009 $4 .9999 Silver Coin: Dinosaur Fossils - Tyrannosaurus Rex Coin

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Brand : Royal Canadian Mint

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Brand : Royal Canadian Mint

Model : 623429

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2009 $4 .9999 Silver Coin: Dinosaur Fossils - Tyrannosaurus Rex Coin

    It is a discovery that sends hearts pounding—and opens a window to the mystifying world of dinosaurs. Their fossilized bones testify to the massive beasts that once ruled the earth but disappeared suddenly 65 million years ago. During the time of these great beasts, a great inland sea covered much of western Canada and the area now known as Alberta and Saskatchewan was a lush subtropical shore—and home to over 35 dinosaur species. As these animals died, the evolving landscape covered their bones with centuries of mud and sand—only to be revealed when the glaciers from the last Ice Age scraped away the top layers of rock and exposed bits of fossilized bone. Discovered by paleontologists in the late 1800's, they inspired generations of dinosaur hunters and established Canada as one of the richest sources of Late Cretaceous fossils on earth. Tyrannosaurus rex was one of several large carnivore (tyrannosaur) species that lived in Alberta, appearing shortly before the mysterious mass extinction. Its name means "tyrant lizard" and there is no doubt it still rules today as the most popularized image of these prehistoric animals. The mighty Tyrannosaurus rex measured up to 12 m (39 ft) from head to tail. It had a gaping one-metre (3 ft) bite with 10 to 15 cm (4 to 6 in) long teeth that could rip out hundreds of pounds of flesh at a time. Face Value: 4 dollar Mintage: 20,000 Composition: 99.99% silver Weight (g): 15.87 Diameter (mm): 34.0 Edge: Serrated Finish: Proof Certificate: Serialized Artist: Kerri Burnett

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