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1954 Uncirculated (Proof-Like) Set of 6 Coins, No Shoulder Fold

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1954 Uncirculated (Proof-Like) Set of 6 Coins, No Shoulder Fold

    Mintage: 3,000. Denomination: 1 cent through $1.00, up to the $2.00 in 1997 sets onwards; Composition: Standard issue coinage metals of nickel and nickel-aureate-bronze as per circulation coinage; Issued: Beginning officially in 1953, although some earlier coins are known in Proof-Like condition. This limited-edition set features numismatic versions of the seven circulating Canadian coins. Carefully hand-selected, these coins are the best of their kind. Proof-Like sets are a complete set of coinage for a year. The sets contained silver coins up to 1967, and thereafter contained coins made of nickel. Sets from 1953-1960 came in a long white card wrapped in cellophane. This cellophane gradually became brittle and cracked over the years, hence early sets with perfect cellophane are somewhat of a modern rarity and usually command higher prices. Beginning in 1961, the sets were packaged between sheets of plastic known as pliofilm. The plastic was not entirely satisfactory, hence 1961 sets without spots are scarce and usually cost more. Pliofilm continues as the packaging material, with the spots problem no longer an occurrence. Most Proof like sets are readily available. There are a few varieties in the packaging style, making a varied collection possible for the specialist. The mint refers to these sets as "Uncirculated sets" although the coinage quality in the sets is substantially higher than coins found in normal circulation, and actually are specifically struck with special blanks and dies for the set to render a highly polished image. In the case of later sets, the so-called "Linen" finish has been adopted. Sets come in their own envelopes, and many have descriptive cards with them. Some early sets can only be found in unofficial holders, the original holders long since destroyed through decay. All in protective covering.

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