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Lighthouse (320 310) Encap-Sheets for Slabs NGC,PCGS for Grande Album

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Lighthouse (320 310) Encap-Sheets for Slabs NGC,PCGS for Grande Album

    Due to the success of the ENCAP pages for slabs and for QUADRUM snaplocks, we now carry pages for round coin capsules in many popular sizes. ENCAP pages are convenient, secure, affordable - and a snap to use! Simply open the page, insert the coin capsules, and close it using the easy-snap closure points. The lightweight and durable pages allow viewing the coins from both sides and make archiving and browsing easy. The coins can be securely displayed because the pages cannot be opened once the binder rings are closed. All ENCAP pages are made from crystal clear PET and are 100% PVC-free. ENCAP pages are available for slabs (PCGS, NGC, ANACS, EVERSLAB, QUICKSLAB and many others), QUADRUM and QUADRUM XL snaplocks and coin capsules with many different diameters – even for champagne caps or bottle caps. ENCAP pages can best be stored in all GRANDE ring binders. They are compatible with all oversized 9x12" 3-ring or 4-ring binders. Dimensions: 9 1/4 x 11 3/8 " (240 x 282 mm) NOTE: ENCAP pages are made for the LIGHTHOUSE round coin capsules. However, they may also support other manufacturer’s capsules. To select the correct ENCAP page, compare the outside diameter of the capsule with the maximum outside diameter.
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