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1 Cent, 1937-52 (George VI) 1 Cent, 1937-52 (George VI)

1 Cent 1940 MS64

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1 Cent 1940 MS64

    Mintage: 85,740,532. Coins weigh 3.24 grams, a diameter of 19.05 mm and a thickness of 1.65 mm. They have a composition of (1937-41) .955 copper, .030 tin, .015 zinc; (1942-52) .980 copper, .005 tin, .015 zinc. The initial obverse had a legend containing the Latin abbreviation ET IND:IMP: meaning the king was also the Emperor of India. The independence of India caused a dilemma for the Mint which resulted in the delay of coinage tools. The mint had to satisfy for all denominations of coins and to differentiate this issue from the regular strikings or 1947, a maple leaf was placed after the date.

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