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2009 $4 .9999 Silver Coin: Hanging the Stockings

Price : $42.95

Brand : Royal Canadian Mint

Code : BC0932

Brand : Royal Canadian Mint

Model : 105336

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2009 $4 .9999 Silver Coin: Hanging the Stockings

    The Joy and Anticipation of the Holidays Stockings hanging from the fireplace are a sure sign that a season of fun and excitement is about to begin. But there was a time when hanging stockings was an everyday sight as people regularly dried their clothes by the fire. One can almost imagine a parent or husband slipping a small gift into a stocking as a surprise...the world’s first ?stocking-stuffer,? perhaps? The link between stockings and Christmas began to emerge with the legend of Saint Nicholas and one account of how he helped a poor man acquire dowries for his unwed daughters. Saint Nicholas dropped three small bags of gold down the chimney and into the stockings where they were discovered by three delighted daughters the following morning. Centuries later, Clement Moore (1779-1863) wrote his famous words, ?...The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there,? and the tradition gained popularity as never before. Stockings became a fixture in Holiday celebrations. To this day, they are eagerly hung in anticipation of the Holidays and regularly checked by excited children wondering if Santa Claus has finally arrived. Face Value: 4 dollars Mintage: 15,000 Composition: 99.99% pure silver Weight (g): 15.87 Diameter (mm): 34 Edge: Serrated Finish: Proof Certificate: Serialized Artist: Tony Bianco

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