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2008 $15 .925 Silver Coin in Ultra High Relief: Vignettes of Royalty - George V

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Brand : Royal Canadian Mint

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Brand : Royal Canadian Mint

Model : 6244028

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2008 $15 .925 Silver Coin in Ultra High Relief: Vignettes of Royalty - George V

    The art form once reserved for wealthy aristocrats can now be enjoyed with this remarkable coin series featuring the effigies of five monarchs that have appeared on Canada's circulation coins. Each effigy is struck in ultra high relief reminiscent of ancient medallic art. Canada did not always produce its coins domestically. Until the Royal Canadian Mint opened in 1908, Canadian coins were imported from overseas. Even then, the designs and tools remained the domain of the Royal Mint in London while the Canadian facility operated as its Ottawa branch. This began to change in 1930 when the Mint became a wholly owned Canadian institution. 2008 $15 Coin—King George V The third coin in the series features George V. He granted Canada its own coat of arms (1921) and declared red & white the official colours of Canada. He was the only King-Emperor to visit India and also initiated the monarchy's annual Christmas Broadcasts. This crowned portrait of King George V appeared on Canada's 1-, 5-, 10-, 25- and 50-cent coins from 1911 to 1936 as well as the onedollar coin of 1936. Face Value: 15 dollars Mintage: 10,000 Composition: 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper Weight (g): 30 Diameter (mm): 36.15 Edge: Plain Finish: Frosted relief on a proof-like field Artist: Original effigy artwork by Sir E.B. MacKennal

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