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10 Cents, 1937-52 (George VI) 10 Cents, 1937-52 (George VI)

10 Cents 1937 MS62

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10 Cents 1937 MS62

    Mintage: 2,500,095. Coins weigh 2.33 grams with a diameter of 18.034 mm and have a composition of .800 silver, .200 copper. The intial obverse had the phrase ET IND: IMP: for Et Indiae Imperator (and Emperor of India) to indicate that the King was the Emperor of India. The reverse design featured a "fishing schooner under sail". The design was based on the Canadian racing yatch "Bluenose". This design was orginally considered for the twenty-five cent piece with the beaver design being used for the ten cent coin.

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